A comic in production about the political struggles 

 of modern-day witches. 


I Am Hexed is a supernatural political thriller. There’s magic, mystery, personal drama and an accidental carnivorous plant.


Witches have been a part of the political fabric of Washington D.C. since it was founded. It’s only since the 1960s that witches stood together and fought to take back the word “Hexed”. A movement was ignited when witches came out of the shadows and proudly showed off their broomsticks. Now with the struggle for equality ongoing, Charlotte Helm, a junior staff member for Senator Royce, has been thrust into the murky and dangerous waters of political games between witches and their adversaries.


Charlotte is now D.C.’s Most Wanted Witch on the run. With her boss under suspicion for political corruption, Charlotte, her ex-girlfriend and whatever other help she can find, scramble to keep one step ahead of the political and magical forces hunting her.


Issue #1 Main Cover
Issue #1 Variant Cover
Issue # 1 Print
Issue #1 Print
Issue #1 Print
Issue #2 Main Cover
Issue #2 Variant Cover
Issue #2 Print
Issue #2 Print
Issue #2 Print
Issue #3 Main Cover
Issue #3 Variant Cover
Issue #3 Print
Issue #3 Print
Issue #3 Print




I am the writer of I AM HEXED and my comic credits include serving as the Linguist on Kim & Kim Volume 2, and editing Strange Wit, the Bargain and other works. I am also a staff writer at ComicsMNT, and have contributed to Teen Vogue, Femsplain, Women Write About Comics, Talking About Comics and various other sites.


Amagoia Agirre is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Spain. She is currently working on various projects including illustrated books, tabletop rpgs, and short comics. If she is not locked up in her studio drawing you’ll probably find her walking in the woods accompanied by her dog Iggy.


Little Corvus is a transmasc Latinx comic artist and illustrator based in Seattle. They are an Eisner, Ringo and Ignatz nominated artist who has worked with Dark Horse, Scholastic, Harper Collins, and more. They love witches, street fashion, and positive, diverse stories.



Paulina Ganucheau is a comic artist and illustrator based wherever her computer lives. She is the creator of Lemon Bird with an original GN out in 2021 and co-creator of Zodiac Starforce published by Dark Horse Comics. Her hobbies include watching pro-wrestling, cloud photography, and following cats on Instagram.


Taylor is a comic book lettering professional and owner of Ghost Glyph Studios. As a staff letterer at DC, he lettered titles such as Red Hood and The Outlaws, Constantine, Bodies, CMYK, and New Suicide Squad. Prior to this, Taylor was credited on numerous titles for Marvel as a production artist. He is currently working on a new batch of creator-owned titles, such as Interceptor: Reactor and Cult Classic: Return to Whisper (Vault Comics), Atomahawk, Dark Fang (Image), and Babyteeth (Aftershock).


Yoshi Yoshitani has always been inspired by cultures, histories, mythologies, and patterns from around the world. She uses this inspiration to fuel her concepts and illustrations. 

Rian Gonzales (a.k.a. Rianbowart) is a Freelance Illustrator from the Philippines who is known for her distinctive, vibrant, candy-themed pieces. Most of her works depict women in trendy fashion, delectable sweets, and neon colors. She has done cover works for international comic companies such as Marvel Comics (Marvel Rising #1 connecting covers, X-Men, Spider-Girls), Archie Comics (Betty and Veronica, Josie and the Pussycats), IDW Publishing (Jem and the Holograms), and Valiant Comics (Faith). Her work was also featured in Udon’s Capcom Fighting Tribute art book. She is a contributing artist and writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer youth section. During her off times, she enjoys being a deserted Island dweller in Animal Crossing.

Meredith does comics. You may have heard of some (Hinges, Hopeless Savages V4, Heart in a Box). She lives in a constant state of exhaustion. If spotted in the wild, please feed.


Born in Argentina, Natalia, (aka Naty), is a globally-minded free-spirited creative raised in Queens and now based in Brooklyn. She has earned her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Fine Art in 2006 and has since studied the ancient art of henna. Through an equally thorough study of entrepreneurship business, Naty by Nature emerged to become one of the most sought-after henna businesses in the NYC Metro and Tri-State area.





Issue #3 Variant Cover

by Paulina Ganucheau